Suicide / Homicide Cleanup

Suicide / Homicide Cleanup Service

Homicides and suicides are deeply painful experiences that often afflict those left behind to deal with the traumatic event. When the police & coroner leave, we sanitize & recover scenes. Bio-One experts adhere to strict regulations when safely cleaning homicide and suicide scenes.

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That’s why Bio-One employs certified technicians that not only provide expert cleanup services for crime scenes in the Chicago Area but do so with a deep sensibility to the emotional nature of the work that affects grieving relatives and friends. Biohazards from blood borne pathogens are properly and discreetly disinfected, decontaminated and disposed.

Once the entire area is cleaned of blood and body fluids, we will help you restore the location to its pre-incident state, with a concerted effort to properly handle any personal possessions that carry sentimental value. Using science-based protocols, our experts not only contain and disinfect all dangerous biological materials, we carry out our work in a caring and private manner that allows you to focus on moving beyond the trauma.

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