Feces / Urine Cleanup

Feces & Urine Cleanup Service

Fecal matter from both people and animals is dangerous and must be cleaned up properly. Human and animal feces/urine are bio-hazardous waste, and sanitizing a home or business that has been exposed to these materials requires expert help.

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Bio-One technicians follow professional safety norms, while utilizing specialized equipment and training protocols in the Chicago Area. If not treated professionally, human and animal feces/urine—and other body fluids like blood and vomit can cause diseases and spread viruses. They include: hepatitis A, E. coli, rotovirus, and norovirus.

Homes and businesses cannot afford to leave these infected areas unattended for too long, not with the serious risk of infectious disease. Bio-One will assess an area’s unique problem before tailoring a disinfection protocol plan.

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